To the friends and family of Doug Cloward

Saturday, April 26, Doug was admitted to the hospital for a severe case of pneumonia. Later he was diagnosed with mantel cell lymphoma leukemia.

We have been receiving many emails and phone calls expressing love and prayers in behalf of Doug. We have set up this blog for updates on Doug's progress. Thank you all for your overwhelming support and care!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Movement has begun - And a Little Child Shall Lead Them - and Us

It has been oh so long for me to try to work, communicate and convalesce in the hospital, that is until I meet someone so much worse off and here for so much longer. Dear Lord and friends, forgive my impatience and lack of perspective. But oh, it has felt so long since I hugged the grandkids. But then the massive breakout of shingles across my neck, shoulder, back and head are too contagious for the little ones. It seems so long since I had the chance to give one of the Consultant's kids a sucker or treat at my office, let alone a hug for their moms. Thankfully a few call and visit with news and loves and coordination. Thank you for trying to keep me in the company of the business, if not in the office of the company.

Today I must share a powerful and pressing insight that has distilled upon my sleepless hours. I have come to more fully understand that heritage is children and heritage making is first and foremost about our, yours and their children.

I have had some pretty heavy thinking on that subject the last few days/nights. As I measure and value the things and people of my life, I believe that I have come to glimpse, ever more slightly, into what eternity must be, to be as rewarding and wonderful and the Word and the prophets have indicated. I now understand more why the Lord called the children to Him and counseled his disciples to forbid them not. I understand why He declared. "…for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" and why we must not offend one of them. And how a millstone would not even begin to reward unkindness to the least of them. I see now why I am so driven by the last two verses of the Old Testament and why 2nd Timothy 3: is so chilling to my bones.

Our lives, His life and purpose is found in children, heritage, even "an heritage of the Lord." Oh that I could find the words to convey to each of you how clear this vision of reality is. How I wish that you could feel as I feel the urgency, the necessity and the opportunity to come to the rescue of the children who must face the voices of deceit and anger and half-truths and selfishness and pride and the rhetoric of special interests, politicians and the media. How I wish you could, as I have, had your heart opened to the view of eternity and the precious love He has for each child. How I wish you could see beyond the story to the eternal realities of their real story. How I wish you could hear the call of the Shepherd of the lambs calling for shepherds of the sheep to gather them to the "folds" of the books and posters and cards - with full explanation of their meaning and power and purpose - for heritage, not just stories.

My friends and family and heritage makers, please find your own moments of silence as I have these last few days and find eyes to see, hearts to feel and ears to hear to know ours is a work of saving the children. Teach them why they are special. Help them discover and cherish the values of the past and the family present. Prepare yourself to carry the message of Heritage through the workshops to thousands of moms and dads who already know the value of their little ones and the challenge they must face in the days ahead. Please, please come to understand what it means to be a maker of Heritage and a Heritage Maker.

Please do not lose the chore of the message in the process. Please rally with me in the creation and coordination of the movement and the cause. Don't get lost in the pages and papers. Rather, get immersed in the lives and voices of the movement. Give the message of heritage, heroes, values and strong resilient children to everyone who will give you the opportunity to share the message of the Heritage Workshop and the passion of a heritage conversation. Please -- join me in the confines of my conviction. Please lead them to their heritage.

Onward and Upward
Love, Doug


Danelle said...

Hello Doug,
This is your cousin Danelle (Jarvis) Curtis. I appreciate my daughter Amy Robison for letting me know about your blog.
I have read and enjoyed most of your entries. You write so much like my Dad (how I miss him) with so much eternal insight. Dad had a way and you also have a way of understanding how our day to day lives are what they are because of our past and also how our day to day lives will affect our future for the eternities.
I especially loved your insight about children. I will never forget when as a teenager I first learned of child abuse and the frequency of it - and how a child was being hurt every so many minutes somewhere in the world. I could hardly stand it and wanted to go and protect them all. There is a tender place in my heart for all children.
I pray for your comfort and healing. Please know that you have many cousins praying for you.
Your cousin,

Lena said...

Thank you for the sweet visit with you and Judy the other day. I came to hopefully provide a moment of sunshine and yet I feel that I left your presence with more than I gave because of your great words of wisdom. I know there is much to learn and your passionate direction is guiding us in the direction of your passion. It is all about the children KNOWING. Their hearts will be turned to their fathers/mothers for their heritage, values, love and we give the tool to prepare the parents and children to turn to each other. As long as the focus remains on heritage we will accomplish this precious mission of making heritage. How sad it would be for a child to turn to their parents and the parents have nothing of value(heritage) to give to the child. I love what I do, I tuck families into their heritage so there is no falling out or away. They know who they are, who came before them, WHY they are loved and much more! You remain in our family prayers each day. Until we meet again, Lena

Hazel said...

LOL Doug, I love your blogs. Keep 'em coming. It's funny I was just at a crossroad when my son said, "But mommy, what about Heritage Makers?"